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Arau Baby Foam Bottle Wash Bottle Cleansing Foam 500ml

-31% Arau Baby Foam Bottle Wash Bottle Cleansing Foam 500ml

Arau Baby

1 Bottle 500ml (with Pump)
Liquid Properties: Mildly alkaline
Ingredients: Pure soap (10% potassium fatty acid), Stabilizer (glycerin), Anti-redeposition agent
Suitable for feeding bottles, pacifiers, nipples, baby food cutlery, toys and cookware
Made in Japan


  • Foaming feeding bottle dish washing detergent made from plant soap ingredients
  • Contains hydrating botanical extracts of perilla and aloe vera
  • Contains naturally derived rinse-off cleansing ingredients
  • No additives (synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, colorants, preservatives)
  • Comply with skin allergy test (But not all allergens are excluded*)

[For baby bottles]
(1) Pour out the remaining milk in the bottle and rinse gently
(2) Pump 1 to 2 times per baby bottle into the bottle
(3) Clean with a special brush and rinse with running water
(4) Remove the pacifier and nipple cap, clean them with a special brush, and rinse them with running water

[For tableware]
(1) Gently rinse the remaining dirt on the tableware
(2) Take an appropriate amount on the tableware, wash it with a sponge dipped in water, and rinse it with running water (adjust the amount according to the dirty level)

Precaution on Use:

  • Do not use on lacquer or acid-resistant aluminum as discoloration may occur
  • Due to the use of natural ingredients, color and scent may change over time
  • Do not use for other than intended purposes
  • If using tap water, rinse dishes and cooking utensils for at least 5 seconds
  • Wear cooking gloves if you have rough skin or when using undiluted solution
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly with water after use
  • If accidentally swallowed, please take measures such as drinking water immediately
  • If the liquid gets on your skin, rinse thoroughly with water immediately

Precaution on Storage:

  • Please place the product carefully to prevent accidental swallowing by infants, children, people with dementia, etc.
  • Do not store in extremely hot or cold places or places exposed to direct sunlight
  • Turbidity or precipitation may occur at low temperatures, will return to its original state as long as it is placed at room temperature

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