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PIGEON The Third Generation Peristaltic PLUS Nipple Wide Neck (3L Size) 15m+ B926 (2 PCS)

PIGEON The Third Generation Peristaltic PLUS Nipple Wide Neck (3L Size) 15m+ B926 (2 PCS)


The amount your baby drinks each time will change as he grows. Please refer to the label on the hole diameter of the pacifier, and replace the appropriate pacifier hole size according to the growth. Babies of the same age also have individual differences, please observe the baby's breastfeeding situation and choose the appropriate nipple aperture for the baby.

Suitable Age:  15 months up  
Size: 3L
Material: Silicone
Heat Resistant: 140°C
Packing Qty: 2 PCS


  • The nipple has good elasticity, the baby has a satisfying sucking feeling, and can promote the secretion of saliva, which is helpful for digestion and the growth of jaw muscles
  • New " Latch-On Line" design – a latching curve of the nipple is guiding for baby’s appropriate latch, so as to achieve effective adsorption.
  • Anti-Colic System - shaped to help minimize swallowed air. Advanced venting system to prevent gas.
  • 100% silicone rubber and BPA free. For seamless switch between breast and bottle. It’s much closer to the softness of mother’s breast, helping smooth tongue movement.
  • Tailor-made nipples of 6 sizes - for different growth stages, different pore shapes, sizes, softness and “Latch-On Line” sizes are made to meet the individual needs of babies


  • Before first and each use, clean nipple with bottle cleanser.  Be sure to clear the nipple opening and ventilation hole with nipple brush.  Otherwise, it can lead to nipple collapse
  • After rinsing, sterilize the nipple by boiling water or steam for 5 minutes to ensure hygiene
  • Nipple can also be sterilized by microwave or baby bottle sterilization chemical per the instructions provided by the manufacturers of those products
  • The nipple may be worn out by biting or other causes.  Inspect nipple before each use an pull the nipple in all directions.  Throw away at first signs or damage or weakness
  • Using a few pieces of nipple alternatively is recommended
  • Do not leave nipple in direct sunlight or heat, or leave in sterilizing solution for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the nipple
  • Avoid direct contact with heating surfaces such as oven or hot plates

Never use feeding nipples as a soother, always use this product with adult supervision

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