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Skater Disney FROZEN 23 Silver Ions AG+ Antibacterial Lunch Box Oval Shape 360ml (Made in Japan)

Skater Disney FROZEN 23 Silver Ions AG+ Antibacterial Lunch Box Oval Shape 360ml (Made in Japan)


Model No. QAF2BAAG
Dimension: (Approx.) W 14.8 x D 12.3 x H 5.6 cm
Capacity: 360ml (Oval Shape)
Accessories: 1 x Divider, 1 x Insert (130ml), 1 x Name Sticker
Made in Japan

Lid - AS resin (Cold /Heat Resistant -20°C ~ 100°C)
Body, Dividers - Polypropylene (Cold /Heat Resistant -20°C ~ 140°C)
Clasp - ABS resin (Cold /Heat Resistant -20°C ~ 100°C)
Gasket - Silicone rubber (Cold /Heat Resistant -20°C ~ 140°C)

SIAA (Antimicrobial Product Technology Council): Certified


  • Silver Ion AG+ Antibacterial Lunch Box
  • Includes an inner container, the main body is hard to get dirt and is easy to clean
  • Comes with tall divider to prevent side dishes from moving, and core insert for sorting
  • The lid is not easy to stick and prevents food from being squashed
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe (* without lid)


  • When hand washing, please use a sponge or soft cloth moistened with mild detergent, then wash with warm water
  • Do not use hard-bristled brushes, polishing powder, alkaline cleaners or orange oil-based cleaners
  • Do not boil for sterilization, otherwise it may cause deformation
  • Do not stack or place heavy objects on top of the box to avoid deformation
  • If cracks or chips are found, please stop using it
  • Dark food or food containing pigments may stain the container, but it does not affect the quality of the lunch box
  • If you put hot food into the box, wait or cooling down completely before closing the lid
  • Do not put items that contain a lot of moisture
  • Please avoid direct sunlight and keep away from fire sources


  • Do not use oven or open flame for heating
  • When using a microwave oven, if the amount of food is small, the oil content is high, or the moisture content is low, please shorten the heating time
  • Do not let the product fall on the heating parts of the dishwasher, otherwise it may cause smoke

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