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Simba allongé All Ages PPSU Wide Neck Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle 270ml – NOOK (Beige) (Cross Hole M Teat) 3m+

Simba allongé All Ages PPSU Wide Neck Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle 270ml – NOOK (Beige) (Cross Hole M Teat) 3m+


allongé Platinum PPSU anti-colic feeding bottle is the first to create an innovation record of EIGHT uses in once bottle.  One bottle can be used for multiple purposes by changing the cap, and it has the most complete accessories on the market.  It can be used for feeding, storing milk, breastfeeding, and learning to drink according to the stage.

Model No.: SW6132
Capacity: 270ml (9oz)
Come with Aspir 5.0 Wide Neck CROSS Hole M Teat
Suitable Age: 3m+
Made in Taiwan

Cap / Collar – Polypropylene (Cold/Heat Resistant -20°C ~ +100°C)
Bottle – Polyphenylene Sulfone (Cold/Heat Resistant -20°C ~ +197°C)
Anti-Colic Teat – Silicone (Cold/Heat Resistant -40°C ~ +150°C)

SGS Certified
Free of BPA, BPS, Phthalates, Heavy Metals and Formaldehyde
Qualified by Internationally Recognized Laboratories- US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US National Science Foundation (NSF)


  • The Platinum Silicone Teat is specially designed for newborns with its golden 25° of softness, bringing the feel of the breast
  • Made of top medical grade PPSU material, the bottle can withstand high temperatures up to 197°C, can be sterilized by high-pressure steam
  • The bottle is lightweight and the design is ergonomic.  There is a slight concave feel on both sides, which can be better held or supported when feeding the baby
  • Aspir 5.0 Smart Anti-Colic Decompression System: Anti-choking, Anti-dripping, Anti-colic and easy burping
  • Only designated by authoritative hospitals, with high success rate of newborn feeding
  • Purely 100% Made in Taiwan, eliminating the worry of import traceability
  • Exclusive and first – 1 bottle transforming itself into 8 by simply changing the upper parts according to the need for milk storage, feeding or learning to drink at every stage of nursing the baby
  • Possess the most complete range of bottle capacities, teat sizes and accessories to fully support each stage of baby’s growth
  • The only one in the industry where each batch of feeding bottles is strictly inspected by the international authoritative SGS, free of BPA, BPS and phthalates
  • Leak-proof of screw closure, a perfect seal even at 70°C – the temperature according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how to prepare a bottle feed


  • Wash thoroughly and sterilize the product before each use to ensure hygiene
  • Choose and switch to the right teat hole and size based on the actual situation according to your baby’s sucking ability and the thickness of baby food etc.
  • Straws and other accessories are sanitary consumables. It is recommended to replace them with new ones every 2-3 months.
  • Keep in cool, dry place, away from exposure to direct sunlight
  • Bottle accessories may turn dark or yellow due to disinfection methods, usage habits, frequency of use, etc.
  • Silicone can easily be stained by pigments in beverages, soak and wash as soon as possible after each use.  Discoloration caused by residue will not affect the use of product
  • When sterilizing with boiling water, please pour the boiling water into another container, sterilize for 3-5 minutes, and then dry it
  • If using steam, ultraviolet or microwave sterilizers, please follow their instruction manuals of each brand
  • The straw set can be disassembled and washed, be careful for not losing the parts, otherwise will affect normal use
  • Inspect the product before each use, if any damage is found, stop using immediately and replace with a new one

Be careful when filled with hot drinks over 50°C
NEVER leave your baby unattended with the product

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