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Richell Inflatable Fluffy Baby Bathing Tub PLUS - Green (Built-in Air Pump)

-31% Richell Inflatable Fluffy Baby Bathing Tub PLUS - Green (Built-in Air Pump)

Richell リッチェル

Dimension: L69 x W47 x H28cm
Product Weight: 680g
Capacity: (At Full Water) Approx. 21L, (Max Line Position) Approx. 18L
Inflation Time: Around 2 minutes
Material: Vinyl chloride resin, Synthetic rubber, Polyurethane
Suitable Age: 0-6 months (Estimated Height 49 ~ 66cm)
Optimal Water Temperature: 37°C ~ 40°C

** Size and Capacity may vary slightly depending on the amount of air inflated **


  • Built-in air pump that can be quickly inflated anytime and anywhere, can be used at home and on trips
  • Easy to inflate, soft cushion design, you can bathe your baby easily without using a bath net
  • Large capacity, can be used for up to 6 months
  • The tilting backrest maintains the optimal posture for baby, supports the baby stably to ensure for not sliding down
  • The edge of the tub is strong enough to place your arms on it without deforming easily
  • It can be folded into a compact size after deflation, safe and portable


  1. Open the upper cover of the air pump, press the air pump up and down, then close the upper cover tightly after inflation is completed (make sure to press the upper cover completely)
  2. Tighten the water stopper and pour in hot water.  Adjust the water temperature to around 37°C, and fill to the highest water level
  3. After use, drain the water from the outlet, clean the product and place it in a ventilated place to dry.  You can also use the hook at the bottom for easy drying
  4. Hold the air nozzle with your fingers and press gently to exhaust it

** When there is insufficient air, you can use a specific air pump (diameter 6mm) for swimming rings to inflate


  • Children may perform unexpected actions, never let children using this product alone, and should under parent’s supervision
  • Never leave the product unattended while it is filled with hot water, otherwise there is a risk of drowning
  • Be sure to support your baby’s head while bathing to prevent water from leaking out or entering the ears
  • Do not let children sit on it and move this product to avoid damage


  • It is advisable to inflate until there are some wrinkles on product outside.  When over-inflated, the temperature of hot water will cause the air to expand, which may cause damage
  • Please check whether product is leaking before each use
  • Please avoid using it for other purposes
  • Do not use on water
  • Please use it in a flat and stable place
  • Please use it in places prone to moisture such as bathrooms and sinks.  If it is unavoidable to use this product in other places, please place a waterproof cloth or mat under the product
  • When using in a sink, please be careful that children may hit the faucet and cause an accident
  • When supplying hot water, be sure to push the water stop valve all the way
  • Do NOT add hot water above 50°C to avoid damaging the product
  • The optimal temperature for hot water is 37°C ~ 40°C.  Please check the water temperature before your child enters the tub
  • When pouring hot water, please remove the child from the tub, otherwise there is a risk of scald
  • Do not move this product when water is installed to avoid damage

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Do not place in direct sunlight or near fire sources
  • Placing it in a humid place may cause the product to become moldy
  • After use, you can dilute neutral detergent with warm water, clean it with a soft sponge, wipe off the water and place in a cool place to dry
  • Do NOT use detergent, polishing powder, bleach etc., otherwise it may cause discoloration or scratches
  • Keep away from sharp objects to prevent risk of damage
  • Do NOT operate the air pump with hot water in it

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